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Kapital Century Denim No.9 Type 1 Jacket

Kapital Century Denim No.9 Type 1 Jacket

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Founded by Toshikiyo Hirata, and designed by his son, Kiro, since 2002, Kapital is an Okayama, Japan based label with a deep history of working with traditional denim craftsmanship. Since then, the brand has evolved to release their own interpretations of vintage garments from all over the world. 

Size Chest Width Shoulder Width Length Sleeve Length
2 58cm 48cm 57cm 63cm
3 60cm 50cm 59cm 63cm
4 62cm 52cm 61cm 64cm
5 64cm 54cm 63cm 65cm
6 66cm 56cm 65cm 65cm


Utilizing sashiko yarn that is hand spun in Hiroshima and endures an intense mud dyeing procedure, Kapital's No. 9 Century Denim is a premium offering in the Century Denim line. It starts with Yeddo Hawthorn Tree bark, that is boiled extensively to create a deep brown dye. Once the sashiko yarn has been extensively dyed, it is mixed with an acidic hydrated lime to create a base before the mud dyeing. The final step is to dip the yarn into a mud pit, resulting in a dark brown base with a lighter brown sashiko stitching woven throughout the garment. This process is repeated approximately 30 times to create a deep, earthy tone to the sashiko stitching. Century Denim is built to last a lifetime and becomes personalized with extensive use.

Product Code: KAP-306

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