Kapital IDG Patchwork BORO Aloha Shirt

Kapital IDG Patchwork BORO Aloha Shirt

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 Founded in 2002 by father/son duo Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata, Kapital is an Okayama, Japan based label with a deep history of working with traditional denim craftsmanship. Since then, the brand has evolved to release their own interpretations of vintage garments from all over the world.

Our business is built on the foundation of authenticity. Every item is carefully inspected before being listed.

From The Kapital Website, 

Aloha shirt made from BORO, an original fabric that reproduces the shape of a rag. Comfortable and loose sizing. The base patchwork fabric with a blue tone peeking through the processed parts is accented.

*As this is a remake item, there are individual differences.
*This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing due to wear.
*This product has been processed as a used item. Any tears or damage caused by processing are intentional in the design and are not product defects. Since we are reproducing changes due to aging, there may be signs of weakness in the fabric etc.
*This product has been partially cut off. There may be some loose threads in the fibers, but this is part of the design intention and is not a product defect.
*Due to the dyeing process of this product, there is a risk that the color may transfer to other items due to moisture or friction.

Linen 60% Cotton 40%

Product Code: EK-1434